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Muay Thai

The emphasis on our Muay Thai class is to each the correct techniques whilst increasing your fitness each time. Our classes  are a mixture of male & females, at all different fitness levels. If you are a beginner, there is no need to feel nervous as our elite instructors will spend time with you to help you feel comfortable!

What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is a form of hard martial art practiced in large parts of the world, including Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. The art is similar to others in Southeast Asia such as: pradal serey in Cambodia, Lethwei in Myanmar, Tomoi in Malaysia, and Lao boxing in Laos.

The history & origin of Muay Thai goes so far back and is something we recommend everyone to research – you’d be amazed!

These classes have been designed by our professional instructors who have years of experience in both general fitness & Muay Thai.

These classes consist of a range of different skills such as the following:
– technique drills
– basic offensive and defensive footwork
– proper form of punches & knees
– cardio and conditioning
– basic partner drills
& most of all, having fun!!!

What are the benefits of this class?
– help improve your coordination and balance
– burn calories and improve your fitness levels, fast
– increased confidence
– learn the art of Muay Thai

Please see our Class Schedule for class availabilities.
* Group Bookings – For sporting groups in training, school and corporate groups. Please see Contact Us page to arrange.