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Boxing for Fitness (16+)

Boxing for Fitness class

Boxing for Fitness (16+) is designed for people to have the opportunity to increase their fitness and learn new skills. These classes are a mixture of both male and female and also have a range of difference experience levels. If you are a beginner, there is no need to feel nervous as our elite instructors will spend time with you to help you feel comfortable!

These classes have been designed by our professional instructors who have years of experience in both general fitness & competitive boxing.

These classes consist of a range of different skills such as the following:
– technique drills
– strength exercises
– cardiovascular exercises
– bag & pad work
– partner work
& most of all, having fun!!!

What are the benefits of this class?
– fat burning (you can easily burn 500 calories per class)
– increased muscle tone
– build strong bones and ligaments
– increased cardiovascular fitness
– improved muscular endurance
– improved core stability
– improved strength and power
– stress relief

Please see our Class Schedule for class availabilities.
* Group Bookings – For sporting groups in training, school and corporate groups. Please see Contact Us page to arrange.